platelet rich plasma

Also known as “Vampire Treatment”

This unique treatment involves drawing a sample of blood from the patient, processing it in a centrifuge to create platelet rich plasma and then re-injecting it back in to the patient’s skin. This induces an inflammatory reaction that causes tissue healing and repair for a revolutionary skin rejuvenating effect. The benefits include zero chance of allergy as it is your own blood product. 

This process works by the fact that the platelets from the blood contain mediators that result in tissue healing and regeneration. This process can be done on any part of the body to treat: wrinkles and ageing skin, pigmentation, scarring (acne, post surgical, burns), stretch marks, arthritis to induce collagen formation and hair regeneration.

PRP with micro-needling (vampire facial) – all treatments are done using the Dermapen 4 MD

Below is a rough estimate of pricing per area/indication:
Face R2 700
Face & Neck R3 000
Face, Neck & Chest R3 300

All treatments include LED Light therapy

Results can be noticed within 3-4 days once tissue healing has occurred and the regeneration process begins. Initially the skin may be slightly swollen, red and tender but this subsides and peeling or flaking may be experienced.

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