Dermapen 4 Medical Microneedling

Making use of the body’s own healing process to rejuvenate the skin

Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment makes use of the body’s own healing process to rejuvenate the skin and can be used for a variety of skin concerns and conditions. These include: wrinkles and fine lines, scarring (acne, burns, keloid, surgical), hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, hair regeneration and aging skin. The procedure makes use of a high speed, vibrating device containing a sterile needle cartridge which creates micro-channels in the skin thereby inducing the body’s natural responses to repair by producing new collagen and elastin.

Skin needling procedures are performed in a safe and precise manner with the use of a sterile needle head. The procedure is normally completed within 20 minutes for the entire face and neck and up to 60 minutes for the body depending on the size of the problem area. Before the procedure commences a topical anaesthetic or local block is applied to the client’s skin to ensure a virtually painless experience.

Signature Dermapen 4 MD treatment.

Includes a targeted medical grade serum, 2 peeling agents, LED Light therapy
and trial size post procedure home care product (Dermaceutic K Ceutic).

Below is a rough estimate of pricing per area/indication: 
Face R1 700
Face & Neck R2 000
Face, Neck & Chest R2 300
Pixel Peel R2 200 (per treatment)
Modified Pixel Peel R2 700 (per treatment)

Treatment is also available for the following per individual request – stretch marks, under-eye area, hands, feet and other bodily areas depending on your concern.

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