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A very practical and honest method of approaching your hair loss condition

Hair loss is a distressing issue to deal with and many different causes need to be considered before treatment.

At our practice, we prefer to adopt a very practical and honest method of approaching your hair loss condition. Following a detailed consultation, history and assessment with Dr Moodley, screening tests may be recommended and treatment considered thereafter. Screening tests will include a blood profile with appropriate tests to exclude nutritional deficiencies and hormonal problems. Provided that everything is in order, assessment and treatment are progressed to the options below. 

*Dr Moodley will discuss the most appropriate option/s for each patient moving forward to obtain the best possible result.

Fagron Trichotest

This test allows for the selection of the most effective active substances and their appropriate dosage for the treatment of hair loss for each patient.  It is a personalized test, saving time and cost in treatments that the patient may not respond to.  It is a non-invasive, reliable, once-off examination.

How does it work?

  • A sample swab is provided for the patient to take home
  • Immediately upon waking in the morning, this swab must be used to obtain a sample of cells from the mouth. This is simply done by gliding the swab across the inside of the cheek
  • NB: the patient may not brush their teeth, rinse their mouth or eat or drink anything prior to performing this test.
  • The sample is sealed and brought back to the practice with the included consent form for us to process and send it off for evaluation.
  • Results are provided with a summary of patient characteristics, full genetic analysis and explanation as well as suggested personalized formulations.

Platelet Rich Plasma/Microneedling

An innovative treatment making use of growth factors derived directly from the patient’s own blood.  A sample of blood is drawn from the patient and processed to obtain a sample rich in platelets which is then re-injected back into the scalp or beard to help induce hair growth.  This can either be done alone or combined with microneedling.

Scalp microneedling can be done alone with a targeted hair loss serum or combined with Platelet Rich Plasma as mentioned above. These are good treatment options to consider in the initial phases of hair loss where it is still possible to salvage follicles as well as a method of maintenance following a surgical hair transplant.

Important notes:

Certain prescription medications may be advised as part of treatment and these will be discussed prior to a prescription being given.

In some cases, a hair transplant may be the other definitive method of treatment and Dr. Moodley will advise and refer you on accordingly should this option suit you.

 Rough estimate of pricing per area/indication:
Fagron Trichotest TM
* Including consultation

R3 500

(3 treatments recommended)

PRP Hair Restoration

R2 500

per treatment

Botulinum Toxin Type A

*Units to be decided following clinical examination

This treatment is done as a preventative measure to counteract hair loss by reducing scalp sweating.

Thymuskin Medical hair care

The effective, preferred home care to be combined with in-clinic treatments for hair loss

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