medical fat loss solutions

A combination of organic ingredients targeted to dissolve excessive fat tissue

Ceccarelli lipolysis: This treatment is recommended for stubborn fat pockets that do not respond to dieting and other weight loss methods. The product consists of a combination of iron and vitamin C which makes use of the body’s metabolism to destroy fat cells.

Simildiet lipolysis: These Treatments are a combination of organic ingredients targeted to dissolve excessive fat tissue, tighten skin and increase muscle tone in individuals looking to achieve enhanced physical appearance (e.g. bodybuilders and competitive athletes). This is FDA approved treatment free of chemicals and banned substances. Depending on the individual concern of the patient, the correct cocktail is selected and can be combined with other treatments to achieve a desired result.

Both these treatments can be used for the tummy, upper thighs, hips, love handles and saddle bags and can also be used to treat stubborn fat pockets under the chin and under the eyes

Simildiet and Ceccarelli Lipolysis InjectionsR80 per 1ml

Abdomen: 40-50 ml

Under chin: 5-10ml

Other areas by individual quote.

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