botulinum toxin type a

Wrinkle reducing injections for the treatment of dynamic facial lines

Also referred to as a “Neurotoxin”, this treatment works by reducing the movement of the muscles under the skin, resulting in less wrinkling of the overlying skin. Conventionally, Botulinum Toxin Type A is used to treat facial wrinkling on the frown line, forehead, crow’s feet, bunny lines, gummy smiles etc. These are suitable for patients seeking preventative treatment as well as non-invasive, anti-ageing solutions.

Botulinum Toxin Type A can also be used to treat excessive underarm, hand and foot sweating, teeth clenching, chronic migraines and hair loss by reducing sweating from the scalp and facial shaping.
After a consultation, the correct dose will be calculated depending on your concern and the result desired.
In South Africa, Botulinum Toxin Type A is available under 2 brand names, namely Botox® and Dysport®.

Price per unit: Please enquire (according to brand used)
Price per area will vary according to the amount of units needed per individual patient.

Prices are per unit of product

Dysport R25
Botox R80

*Please note that units of each brand are not equivalent. Exact pricing will vary after consultation and assessment

Below is a rough estimate of pricing per area/indication:
Frown line R1 250 – R1 600
Forehead R640 – R1 440
Crow’s Feet R1 000 – R1 920
Bunny Lines R250 – R800
Gummy Smile R500 – R640
Mouth Corners R250 – R480
Chin R500 – R640
Neck Wrinkles R1 600 – R2 400
Teeth Clenching/Facial Shaping R1 500 – R1 920
Migraine Headaches R8 000

* Treatment is available upon request.

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