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Purchase your medical grade skincare from us and benefit from excellent discounts and free
value on further product purchases and in-clinic treatments.

In Clinic:

  • Purchase 10 products over a period of 1 calender year and be eligible for a free product or a free treatment thereafter
  • Our loyalty programme was officially launched in August 2021 and therefore any purchase from August 2021 will be eligible for our loyalty rewards programme.
  • You will receive a card in-clinic which we will date and sign for every applicable purchase. Once you have reached 10 products, you will return your card and collect a new one.
  • Free value: you can select either any retail product or in-clinic treatment to a maximum value of R1000. You may only select 1 retail product.
  • You may gift/transfer the free value of a treatment to a third party, however, a consultation fee will be charged against the free value. You can opt to either pay this separately or have this subtracted from your free value. Our normal consultation
    rate is R650.
  • You may not redeem cash on any offer.


  • Purchase 4 products from our online store across our range of brands and you will be eligible for a 30% discount on a treatment of your choice in-clinic.
  • Discount value: you can select any treatment up to the value of R1000
  • Reduced treatment time of 20 minutes
  • We will keep track of your purchases via our system. Please note, these offers are not transferrable. You may also not redeem cash on any offer.

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